1. Julie Inglis

    G. Russell

    This course is so helpful that I think it should be compulsory for all teachers to attend, so all I have learned and understood could be taken further in the classroom helping all children with problems learning and backing up what we do at home.
  2. Julie Inglis

    E. Heywood

    I really appreciated the positive and empathic approach this training had for learners with ADHD, AS and HFA; as well as the obvious expertise/knowledge of the trainer.
  3. Julie Inglis

    S. Bracken

    I really like the concepts of NLP and how easily they can be put into place to the advantage of the students I work with.
  4. Julie Inglis

    T. Timms

    It was useful to discuss the challenges of working with people on the spectrum with the course tutor, and other participants, and celebrate the successes.