1. Julie Inglis

    J. A

    NLP Practitioner is definitely life changing. Apart from the techniques completely changing how I think, feel and behave, I also worked on healing deafness. I’m now able to hear well and no longer use my hearing aids. Sounds unbelievable but it’s true and I was very sceptical when it was...
  2. Julie Inglis

    T. Stewart

    This week was quite a bit of a personal breakthrough. I feel empowered by the knowledge and techniques. Julie’s presentation/teaching style is fun, clear and very practical. I can’t wait to use it in my practice.
  3. Julie Inglis

    S. Green

    This has been a truly life changing experience. It has given me tools to continually improve my life and I’m really excited about going out and using the techniques. I highly recommend the course and feel blessed to have completed it.
  4. Julie Inglis

    N. Candlish

    A life changing and empowering event – gets you ‘sorted’ to help you sort others!! Some of the best training I have ever done!
  5. Julie Inglis

    C. Dhenin

    Very positive learning which will not only be useful in working with my clients, but will also enable me to keep myself in the most healthy state throughout. Best training I have ever had. Thank You.
  6. Julie Inglis

    G. Francis

    The whole process was fabulous. Time Line clarified some facts from the past that have bothered me for a long time (although I was unaware until now).
  7. Julie Inglis

    S. Russell

    If you’re thinking of doing NLP Practitioner with Julie, prepare to be MORE than pleasantly surprised. You will achieve profound positive changes using the techniques and realise that your unconscious mind is all powerful.