1. Julie Inglis

    T. Stewart

    This is the first course/presentation where the trainer presented ADHD/AS/HFA as a spectrum with individual characteristics and had a positive outlook; to be in charge of change, rather than nothing can be done. Great way of presenting material all round.
  2. Julie Inglis

    R. Terry

    The trainer has really brought this subject to life and has encouraged a humorous approach to the spectrum when appropriate.
  3. Julie Inglis

    A. Smith

    A great eye opener which will help me understand why others may behave the way they do. It made me also look at my own behaviours.
  4. Julie Inglis

    K. Smith

    Fantastic enthusiastic tutor. Very infectious. Knows subject matter. Well laid out manual and a good source of reference. Fantastic course and I feel lucky to have taken part.