1. Julie Inglis

    C. Cooke

    The event in my life which led me to be here, and has damaged my life for years, is now just part of my story, it no longer defines me.
  2. Julie Inglis

    D. Hammond

    The course allowed me to get rid of negative emotions and things from my past that held me back. Julie was an amazing trainer; funny, enthusiastic and took time to explain things over again if not understood.
  3. Julie Inglis

    L. Smith

    Amazing experience. Things I thought I could never do don’t exist anymore. I feel excited and want to begin my new way of life and way of thinking immediately. I can do it!
  4. Julie Inglis

    A. Henley

    This programme has shown me so much. My life was totally taken over by my past and things I never realised were stopping me from moving on. 51 years I spent carrying them and in 2 days Julie took them all away. It is truly amazing, my life is now...