Partnership With Linia Harley Street

Well being is an essential part of one’s health and fulfilment. Linia are experts in providing life changing cosmetic surgery. In order to fulfil their commitment to their patients and provide them with holistic support and care, PPS and Linia are working in partnership to provide additional postoperative emotional support for their patients. This will complement surgery by changing how patients see themselves on the inside; creating overall wellness, fulfilment and an exciting future!

Why we chose Linia as one of our Partners

In the UK cosmetic surgery is provided by either individual surgeons or commercial organisations. Most individual surgeons are also consultants in the NHS and do not perform cosmetic surgery on a regular every day basis, which is found to significantly increase the risk of harm to patients.

Linia are owned and operated by Doctors and they are all working full time providing cosmetic surgery. It has become one of the leading cosmetic surgery providers in the country.

They believe in patient led care and that understanding what a patient wants is key to the results and achieving happy patients.

“Understanding patient desire is crucial to a successful outcome. Patient education helps to make patient desires realistic and helps them achieve satisfaction. Providing postoperative emotional support and physical care is an essential part of the job. We build partnerships with our patients based on trust, integrity and mutual respect and we maintain the highest professional standards”. Mr. Azhar Aslam, FRCS(G), FACS, FEACS (Consultant Plastic Surgeon, specialising in Cosmetic Surgery)

Linia’s head office is in Harley Street, London and additional clinics in Cambridge, Bristol, Birmingham, Chester, Norwich and Peterborough. They also hold clinics in Plymouth, Newcastle, and Glasgow. Their Harley Street surgeons travel to all clinic locations and offer free consultations and advice on cosmetic surgery. To book a free consultation please email or call 0800 170 71 71