NLP Business Coaching For Start Up, Small Business & Entrepreneurs ,

Requently Asked Questions

What methods of coaching are available? : Coaching can either be face to face, online via Skype or by telephone; depending on your preference.

How many sessions will I need and how often? :  Business coaching may vary from just a few sessions to a series of sessions over several months, depending on individual needs.  Some business owners build weekly, fortnightly or monthly coaching sessions into their financial budget.

How successful is Business Coaching? : Outstanding results can be achieved.   The level of success will be dependent upon your commitment, determination and your belief in your ability.

What if you Invest in Business Coaching?

Just suppose you have constant motivation within your business, even on bad days.  You experience absolute focus and clarity; almost like having an internal compass that steers you through your affairs enabling you to make important decisions more easily and achieve exceptional business goals.  As well as improved profitability you are working less hours, enjoy a healthy work/life balance and are having the time of your life.

How beneficial would this be to you!

NLP Business Coaching Rejuvenated my Passion

Prior to coaching something was missing from my business, which drained my energy.   Coaching regenerated my passion and motivation; business is now fun again.

As a result of coaching, I was driven to create a second business to fulfil my Life Purpose; something I thought I had already found.  The immediate sense of excitement and determination meant I purchased my new company within days.  It was simply a change of emphasis; by redirecting my NLP, coaching, training and business experience I am now inspiring and motivating business owners and entrepreneurs.

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