Diploma in Understanding & Managing ADHD, Aspergers & High Functioning Autism – Professionals, Carers, Parents & Relatives (5 day)

Why Attend?

Maybe you:

  • Experience challenging behaviours.
  • Deal with complex issues but lack understanding.
  • Find rules and boundaries difficult to implement.
  • Are affected by someone who refuses to acknowledge/ is unaware of their condition.
  • Feel embarrassed, frustrated or stressed.
  • Wish to enhance social skills.
  • Want to offer effective support to improve learning and performance.
  • Need appropriate tools and strategies that work now.
  • Want to combat ignorance, prejudice and injustice.
  • Would like to empower those you support to be more fulfilled, independent and productive.
  • Prefer to focus on solutions rather than problems.
  • Realise the benefits of being trained by someone with personal experience who genuinely understands.

 Why train with us?

  • You will learn through our unique Ripples of Change™ method; an approach that has been proven to facilitate new life skills leading to greater independence and improved outcomes.
  • Your certificate will be accredited by the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP).
  • You will be inspired by our experience, practical techniques and comprehensive manuals.
  • You will only need 5 days to train; a minor commitment for the significant results and benefits you will achieve.
  • You will gain a high level of competence and effectiveness because our training is empowering, practical and fun.

What is Ripples of Change™

This trade mark is for our unique and inspirational approach to ADHD, Aspergers and High Functioning Autism.  It signifies that we combine Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching techniques with personal and professional experience to provide the best possible training and subsequent results.  Our passion and optimism create ripples of change that develop and grow over time.

What will you learn?

 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Core symptoms
  • Effects of cognitive dysfunction
  • Impact on the individual and their relationships
  • Overview of related conditions
  • Advantages of ADHD
 Aspergers & High Functioning Autism
  • Core symptoms
  • Social & communication skills deficits
  • Anxiety, depression and obsessive behaviour
  • Sensory issues
  • Rage Cycle
  • Creating enabling environment
NLP – Communication and Behaviour
  • Simple communication model; changes perceptions, behaviour and results.
  • Effects of attitudes, beliefs and values
  • How we use our senses to understand experiences
  • Recognise and interpret facial expressions and body language
  • Build rapport using physiology, tonality and words
  • Identify learning styles and teaching systems
  • Successful conflict resolution
  • Gain control of emotional states
  • Remove anxiety from a future event
  • What coaching is
  • How coaching, mentoring and therapy differ
  • Importance of setting and achieving goals
  • The GROW Model – how coaching works
  • How beliefs influence our behaviour and outcomes
  • Practical application
Additional Techniques
  • Use pictures to identify and resolve problems
  • Adapt language to create behavioural change
  • Use motivation to implement desired behaviours
  • Appropriate consequences for negative behaviours
  • Sexuality

Who should attend?

Professionals, Carers, Parents and Relatives who know they can improve the outcomes of people with ADHD, Aspergers or HFA with the right knowledge, skills and interventions

How can you accomplish this?

The training has been structured to be interactive, combining classroom learning with practical application.  We aim to ensure levels of understanding are consistent within the group, therefore it is important to attend each training day and read sections of the manual as directed

Certification Requirements

Attendance Certificate

  • Successful completion of the course in its entirety
  • Participate in all exercises and activities
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the material and techniques

Diploma Certificate – Post training (Optional)

  • Case study with ADHD, Aspergers or HFA client
  • Written assignment (2,000-2,500 words)

Diploma Assignment – Post Training

You will find a volunteer who has ADHD, Aspergers or HFA and work with them for a minimum of 6 one hour sessions. During these sessions you will use the tools and techniques practised during the course and demonstrate your competence in the form of a written assignment; following our simple, structured format. This will need to be prepared and submitted within 4 months of the course completion date and include the following :

• A clear indication of which tools/techniques you used, a description of how you used them + the overall outcome.
• An explanation of how the training has changed the way you support people with ADHD, Aspergers or HFA.

*Diploma subject to certification fee

What if you attend this training?

Just imagine challenging behaviour and stress are no longer major problems because you have new strategies that really work.  Skilfully you improve the performance of those you support and empower them to have greater independence and choice.  You feel inspired and motivated because you know you are making a real difference; you can visibly see the transformation!

How valuable would this be to you?


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An enlightening experience and very empowering. Thank you!

E. Leahy

I am very excited about what I have learned and I am looking forward to using the skills in real life.

R. Oleksy

A must for anybody supporting people with ADHD, Aspergers and Autism. Julie - where have you been all my life?

C. Saunders

Opened my eyes to the world of people with ADHD and I have a better understanding of how difficult daily lives can be.

D. Lennox

Julie has been a great tutor. Very knowledgeable and so helpful. Always made me feel at ease when I was feeling unsure about anything.

B. Truett

Very positive course; enabling, practical and achievable strategies for the workplace and home.

G. Traviss

I would recommend this course. 5 days sounds a tall order but the continuity is most valuable.

H. Uwins

An informative, constructive and happy week!

L. Watts

Extremely informative packed 5 days! I attended the course and thought it was fantastic. Keep up your fantastic work.

J. Watts

The course was excellent, would recommend to anyone with children with additional needs.

L. Whale

Julie gives interesting examples of real life stories in a way that makes you want to listen and understand.

M. Wickenden

Excellent course to do as a parent!

Y. Wodd

The trainer rocks! (she is brilliant). It was interesting to see and gain experience of how someone with ADHD goes about their everyday life. It was very insightful.

M. Ward

If I knew what I know now, both my son's life and mine would have been very different. In one week I have noticed an improvement in both myself and my son.

J. Thomas

You guys are fabulous! Thank you for speaking about ASC with such optimism and positivity.

D. Owen

I feel that this course has equipped me to make real positive changes to the lives of my family members. Thanks to you all!

V. Stewart

Julie is a very focused trainer who uses her life experiences to make the course fun. Everyone felt part of the course and everyone's views were valued.

L. Summerfield

The trainers are brilliant, patient, understanding. They show how much they care.

V. Renee

Excellent, enjoyable and life changing.

J. Reynolds

This course teaches you the practical side of dealing with your children. Good delivery - I appreciated the personal anecdotes which were all relevant.

J. Pinder

This course teaches you the practical side of dealing with your children. Great support.

S. Pandit

An eclectic mix of participants, from a wide range of backgrounds, ensured lots of different experiences to share

N. Owens

A really good worthwhile opportunity to meet other carers and to exchange experiences/solutions to caring for our loved ones. A very good course where I met both caring facilitators and other carers.

A. Newman

The course made me look at my attitude and the way I viewed things. I now feel and believe I can achieve results and I have a positive outlook for my son.

S. Morgan

I have ADHD and this is the most inspiring course I have been on.

R. Millson

Thoroughly inspirational!

D. McKinlay

A brilliant course, I highly recommended any parent who has a child with ADHD, Aspergers or HFA to go on the course.

G. Minas

Interesting and informative course offering practical solutions.

M. Maughan

Brilliant, friendly, great advice. Makes you feel very positive

N. Miller

I’m a mother of a wonderful Aspie girl. This course looked at people with HFA as individuals and not a collection! A breath of fresh air in a society that puts people in boxes. It gave me additional knowledge and powerful tools to help me and our family to succeed. Thank you

G. Martins

How could anyone not get something out of this course?

T. Loveday

I came away a better and stronger person. Learnt to stand up for my rights.

M. McGuinness

A brilliant course, Julie is so much fun and brings the course alive. It has opened a whole new world for me.

J. Gotch-Kane

This course has been life changing! The tools and strategies are fantastic and I believe they will make a huge difference to our lives.

H. Hart

A five day course seemed like it may be quite a chore but Julie was very interesting and engaging. The time flew, each day was different, enjoyable and interactive.

D. Hooper

The course has opened my eyes, brain and imagination. It has provided me with enthusiasm for my work again. Many thanks, good job.

G. Chesney

What a week!

A. Anderson

Extremely useful and memorable.

R. Hornsey

I arrived on Monday not knowing what to expect from this course but left on Friday feeling inspired. Brilliant course and fabulous tutor.

J. Harford

A very real and moving experience.

T. Hamm

A life changing course - thank you so much!

P. Forster

As a parent of an autistic young man, I have learnt techniques that will benefit the whole family.

D. Adams

A really personal touch to the course which promotes understanding and learning.

A. Ellis

This course is a great help to me in dealing with my son. Thanks

M. Channon

Julie you rock!! You provided a warm, inclusive training and delivered useful information and practical tools; love it, love it, love it.

C. Alfolabi

Really well delivered and easy to listen to.

K. Betts

Great and extremely informative course, filled with fun elements! Tutor is wonderfully supportive with a great sense of humour! Thank you!!!

S. Batten-Poulter

Training very insightful and made enjoyable by the trainer - worth attending.

K. Begim

An inspirational experience that will be life changing.

S. Askew

I found lots I could take away with me.

S. Bartrop

Interesting course with lots of ideas for trying new things and effecting positive change.

A. Feron

This really has been the best, enjoyable course I have been on.

N. Connor

Totally Brilliant! Thank you so much!

A. Bickersteth

The trainer's energy really made the day. Her personal experiences helped us understand strategies that really worked.

S. Waller

Super real life stories that helps connect you to the conditions and understand how it impacts on all involved. Wish it was a longer course!

N. Herbert-Wood

Fantastic introduction to AS by someone who lives with AS children; who could bring real life examples and situations

C. Cresswell

A very real and moving experience.

T. Hamm

A life changing course - thank you so much!

P. Forster

Julie was always positive, up-beat and her personality rubs off on others.

M. Godfrey

Inspired teaching from Julie whose life experience has given me comfort and hope.

M. Finch

Julie has a very positive attitude. Her passion and energy helped me to learn and I enjoyed the course immensely. Thank you.

P. Hewitt

I will always cherish and remember this brilliant course.

M. Mendoza

Feels like I can now help my son live.

T. Mitchell

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