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PhotoUsernameLocationTestimonialOverall Performance Evaluation
Sue Waller
(Sue Waller)
The trainer's energy really made the day in the way the course was delivered. Her personal experiences helped us understand strategies that worked.Excellent
Helen Warden
(Helen Warden)
No testimonial given for website.Good
Storm William
(Storm William)
A very good course!Excellent
Val Rodbard
(Val Rodbard)
Very informative and helpfulExcellent
Elsie Van Linthout
(Elsie Van Linthout)
Every new tool that you learn can make a difference for you or someone you work with.Good
Annabelle Phoenix
(Annabelle Phoenix)
Informative, practical tools, effective outcomes.Excellent
Tamara Mcnamara
(Tamara Mcnamara)
Fantastic training for parents and professionals alikeExcellent
Helen McCarey
(Helen McCarey)
Brilliant day's course, very informative from a parent and trainer with hands on experience.Excellent
Donna Poloczek
(Donna Poloczek)
Yesterday, never in a million years did I think I would be able to do this and make a difference to my life.Excellent
Nicola Morton
(Nicola Morton)
Julie's presentation skills, presence, personality and own experiences gave the course such interest and really engaged us as learners.Excellent
Philip A. Mills
(Philip Mills)
No testimonial given for website.Excellent
Sheliagh Rawlins
(Sheliagh Rawlins)
This course has given me the confidence to use what i know to make a differenceExcellent
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