Personal Breakthrough Session 1-1

Why Invest in a Breakthrough Session?

Maybe you feel :

Your job or career is stressful and you’re finding it difficult to cope; you’re afraid you will ‘burn out’.

  • People believe your life is great when secretly you are unhappy.
  • You’re living a lie because you are too embarrassed to admit your life is miserable.
  • Unable to be who you want to be, do what you want to do or have what you want to have in life.
  • Trapped because your life has no direction or purpose.
  • Misunderstood or insignificant because others ignore your needs and boundaries.
  • Overwhelmed and unable to see your way through.
  • Controlled by others and compelled to live your life by their agenda.
  • It’s difficult to break old habits that hold you back.
  • You’re  just not good enough!

It’s time to do more than just talk about your problems!

What is a Breakthrough Session?

Advances in medicine have established a link between negative emotion and disease, commonly referred to as the ‘mind-body’ connection.  A growing body of opinion suggests a further link between significant emotional events from the past and illness.

Additionally developments in neuro science seem to show that our brains communicate with every individual cell in our entire body, subsequently the mind and body affect each other.  It is therefore important that we change how we think in order to protect our health.

A breakthrough session is designed to improve emotional and physiological health by using a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy.

NLP is a technique which enables us to break old patterns of behaviour and choose our desired mental, emotional and physical state.  This process creates fast, long lasting change and improves all aspects of life.

Time Line Therapy is a technique of active imagination that also facilitates long lasting changes very rapidly.  It is a fairly recent technique based on the ability of our unconscious mind to organise our experiences by time; based on past, present or future.  It enables us to look to the past to release any negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt) and limiting beliefs that prevent us achieving what we truly want in the future.

Hypnosis is a widely accepted technique designed to guide individuals to alter their own state of consciousness to facilitate change.  It enables them to become more suggestible whilst being 100% in control at all times.

NLP, Time Line Therapy™ & Hypnosis  enable us to change how we think and develop our internal resources so we can be, do and have what we really want in life.

How does the Breakthrough Day Work

A personal Breakthrough is both powerful and empowering because it is specifically designed for your personal needs and expectations.    Prior to the session you will be asked to compile and forward a detailed personal history which will be explored during the first part of the session.  Then you will be guided through several inspirational processes that will enable you to experience transformational change within hours.  You will finish the day by learning the secret of designing and setting amazing goals that are achievable when combined with focusing on what you want and taking positive action.

These processes are often found to be relaxing, enjoyable and comfortable and produce the desired results.  People will notice an immediate, distinct difference in you and, of course, so will you.

Your Guarantee

Experience shows that clients always get a result as long as they follow the instructions! Therefore all the work I do is guaranteed to ensure you get the results you want.  This means that you receive my ongoing support within an agreed time; without further charge.  In return you will attend all sessions and carry out set tasks completely and fully.


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I have learned some powerful tools and I have the confidence, now, to use them in any situation to my advantage; helping me to be a better person. She has taught me to look ahead. We cannot alter the past but we can change how we perceive it and live a full and happy future!!! Thank you so much Julie.

Zina C.

At first I didn’t think a Breakthrough session would work but now that I have had one I feel great…. I should have done this a long time ago. After a day’s session I have become strong and energetic, plus I feel in control and happy. It was not only relaxing, it actually got rid of my negative emotions; which I have wanted to let go of for ages. I now feel light, whereas before today I felt heavy; as if I was carrying a ton weight on my shoulders. The Breakthrough was great! I feel refreshed and a new person; very happy and very pleased! Everyone should have a session, I highly recommended it.

A. Z

My breakthrough session with Julie has given me instant positivity and a much happier outlook from just one session. Within hours I have transformed from being completely lost to knowing exactly what I want from life and I can’t wait to get started.

S. Stevenage

As a result of my breakthrough I eliminated my limiting beliefs and negative emotions linked to past relationships, which I had experienced for many years. Feeling light, positive, noticing a change in posture and smiling were all identified as ways I would know I had eliminated my problems. By the end of the session I realised all of these were true and more. I now look forward to achieving the inspiring goals I installed in my future timeline. Thank you.

J. Pitt

I want to say a massive thank you for the amount of time you spent with me on Wednesday and Thursday. You were so incredibly patient with me and so determined to do a good job that you went beyond the bounds of what was expected. Your professionalism and expertise shone through and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who was looking to affect change in their lives – whether it be on a personal or business level. Obviously many of the changes I’m hoping for are long term but I feel 100% positive that they will come – indeed I have already noticed significant changes in myself and my relationships; I’m also really looking forward to realising the goals you helped me set.

J. Verney

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