Awareness Training ADHD, Aspergers & High Functioning Autism (HFA) for Parents, Spouses & Family Members (1 day)

Why Attend?

Maybe you :

  • Lack knowledge of ADHD, Aspergers or HFA.
  • Battle with challenging or aggressive behaviour.
  • Experience anxiety and stress.
  • Struggle to relate well to a family member.
  • Feel isolated and alone.
  • Need to know there are practical strategies that work.
  • Want to meet others with similar issues.
  • Would like to find a way to unite your family.
  • Choose to find a positive way forward.
  • Why train with us?

  • Our trade mark, Ripples of Change™, shows that we are passionate about changing the lives of people affected by ADHD, Aspergers & HFA.
  • You will be inspired by shared experiences and personal success stories.
  • Our training is empowering, practical and fun.
  • We will raise your understanding, teach you practical techniques and provide you with the next step.
  • What is Ripples of Change™

    This trade mark is for our unique and inspirational approach to ADHD, Aspergers and High Functioning Autism. It signifies that we combine Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching techniques with personal and professional experience to provide the best possible training and subsequent results. Our passion and optimism create ripples of change that develop and grow over time.

    What will you learn?

  • Core symptoms.
  • Effects on learning and social situations.
  • Sensory Issues.
  • Related conditions.
  • Rage Cycle.
  • Importance of creating enabling environments.
  • Practical strategies
  • Impact on the family
  • Benefits of taking care of yourself.
  • Who should attend?

    Those who realise greater understanding will allow you to give appropriate support, overcome more challenges and restore family cohesion.

    How can you accomplish this?

    The training has been structured to be interactive, with an opportunity to share experiences and ask questions..

    What if as a result of this training you

  • Improve your understanding.
  • Reduce challenging behaviour and aggression.
  • Implement simple strategies that work.
  • Feel more able to provide useful support.
  • Know how to pre-plan situations to get better outcomes.
  • Find life easier and more enjoyable.
  • Notice closer relationships within the family.
  • Laugh at the things that used to annoy you.
  • Realise learning is the answer … isn’t it?

    How valuable would these benefits be to you?


Informative session delivered in an interesting way.

D. Ling

This course is a brilliant introduction to the world of ADHD, Autism and Aspergers. You will find it interesting and invaluable

V. Blye

A highly informative, enjoyable and well presented session. Very useful. Thank you.

R. Brigden

Come and be inspired, there is hope for the future - spread the world!

S. Harnson

Excellent day. Very good sound knowledge that the tutor communicated for ease of understanding

J. Hammond

The trainer was coming from a personal perspective which was very effective.

C. O’Callaghan

Julie delivers a very positive and enjoyable training. She talks from experience with humour and humility.

M. Sova

The knowledge gained in one session was really effective.

P. Thompson

Really factual and interesting day. Very beneficial.

E. Tibble

This training gives useful awareness of the conditions and a great deal of knowledge.

R. Willis

Very uplifting and enlightening course.

J. Wilson

Brilliant day's course, very informative from a parent and trainer with hands on experience.

H. McCarey

The trainer's energy really made the day. Her personal experiences helped us understand strategies that really worked.

S. Waller

A training session delivered with enthusiasm and passion by an amazingly positive woman with a great sense of humour. Thanks for an excellent day!

E. Scoones

The perfect crash course!

M. Shah

Excellent day, really informative.

N. Coates

From ignorance to very informed in hours.

M. Catlin

Fantastic introduction to AS by someone who lives with AS children; who could bring real life examples and situations.

C. Cresswell

Very positive and upbeat training, plenty of humour and relaxed.

T. Pryce

Excellent session delivered by an excellent trainer. Loved the personal experiences.

L. Powell

Superb real life stories that helps connect you to the conditions and understand how it impacts on all involved. Wish it was a longer course!

N. Herbert-Wood

Excellent Trainer - Great Style

S. Read

Excellent day! Really helpful and looking forward to using what I’ve learnt.

R. Kemp

Gentle but powerfully supportive and empowering. A fun course.

J. Phelan

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