Our vision is to transform service provision and support; and subsequently the lives of those with ADHD, Aspergers and High Functioning Autism.

Over the past 6 years we have have built a global training organisation that provides powerful training solutions to service providers and carers through our unique and innovative ‘Ripples of Change™' methodology; thereby empowering individuals to have greater independence, improved quality of life and significantly reducing financial costs to society.


Prime Performance Solutions provide quality, recognised training programmes for Organisations, Professionals, Educators, Carers, Parents, Relatives & Individuals affected by:-
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Aspergers & High Functioning Autism (HFA)
In addition we provide:-
  • Wellbeing, Resilience & Personal Development Programmes
  • Personal Breakthrough Sessions
  • NLP Practitioner Certification

First organisation to :

• Transform service provision for ADHD, Aspergers and High Functioning Autism (HFA) with proven results;by utilising our Ripples of Change™ methodology.
• Provide accredited Diploma courses for ADHD, Aspergers and HFA combining NLP, Coaching and Personal Experience.
• Deliver multiple Diploma courses in ADHD, Asperger & HFA to UK Local Authorities; for professionals in Education, Health, Social & Judicial Services.
• Specialise in Personal Breakthrough sessions for ADHD, Aspergers and HFA; enabling self-transformation in hours.
• Deliver accredited Diploma Coaching courses in conjunction with ADHD Europe.
• Offer online trainer/peer support through our “Delegate Discussion Forum” and “On Track” reminders to ensure your success.
• Provide Diploma accredited training, leading to developing your own career opportunity or joining the PPS Franchise.

Our Clients & Delegates

We have literally hundreds of successfully trained delegates; whether these are individuals looking to further their career, sent from public sector organisations or charities, or family members looking for a better understanding of how they can care for their loved ones.

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Or view our member directory with all our trained participants, their testimonial and achievements.Our Client Testimonials

Delivering Specialist ADHD, Aspergers & High Functioning Autism Training Europewide

Inspiring Carers, Professionals, Parents and Relatives, transforming service provision and support in the area of ADHD, Aspergers and High Functioning Autism.

Why train with Prime Performance Solutions?

•You will learn through our Ripples of Change ™ method; an approach that is proven to facilitate greater independence and improved quality of life.
•Your training will be accredited by the Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP).
•You will be inspired by our experienced trainers, practical techniques and our comprehensive manuals.
•You will gain a high level of competence because our training is empowering, practical and fun.

Our Training Programmes

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autistic Spectrum Conditions

Understanding & Managing ADHD, Aspergers & High Functioning Autism (5 day – Parents Spouses & Relatives)
At last, a practical, interactive course that’s proven to really help parents, spouses and relatives interact in a way that allows families to reunite successfully creating a cohesive family unit. The combination of understanding behaviours and having effective tools enables you to anticipate and prevent unnecessary family dysfunction.  Many families say this is life changing!

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Diploma in Understanding & Managing ADHD, Aspergers & High Functioning Autism (5 day + Case Study & Written Assignment – Professionals, Carers, Parents and Relatives)
You will understand ADHD, Aspergers and HFA at a comprehensive level empowering you to create enabling environments and implement strategies successfully; reducing incidents of stress, anxiety and rage.  You will also learn advanced communication methods that will assist you to reduce challenging behaviour and support individuals to develop their social skills and independence.
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SEN Diploma In Understanding & Managing ADHD, Aspergers & High Functioning Autism (5 day – SEN Teachers and Support Staff)
On completion of this course you will have a comprehensive understanding of these conditions, effective strategies to manage complex issues and new approaches to consistently support learning.  By creating enabling environments and implementing appropriate tools you will also be able to significantly reduce stress, anxiety and rage whilst improving overall performance.
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Diploma In Coaching for ADHD, Aspergers & High Functioning Autism – Professionals, Carers, Parents and Relatives (8 days)
This course is ideal for those wishing to pursue a Coaching career.  By complementing professional or personal experience with a Diploma you can positively change lives!  Combining a comprehensive understanding of the conditions with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching enables individuals to develop their potential.  This is achieved through improving their awareness, building social skills and teaching effective strategies to enhance learning, emotions and behaviour.  This leads to greater independence and choice.
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Qualification Upgrades

Diploma In Coaching Upgrade Course (3 days + Case Study & Written Assignment)
Designed to complement and expand your existing knowledge/experience from the 5 day Diploma Course.  This will enable you to become a qualified coach for ADHD, Aspergers & HFA; also with diploma status.
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Wellbeing & Resilience Courses

Ultimate Resilience (2 days)
When caring for others, professionally or personally, it is important to remember to care for yourself and maintain a healthy work/life balance.  This course is designed to teach you how to build and maintain resilience to protect yourself against challenges and obligations in all areas of life.  The training will involve powerful techniques that release negative emotions and limiting beliefs, plus a proven method to create your future the way you want it.   If you are experiencing stress, negative emotions or limiting beliefs, and are open to nurturing yourself, Ultimate Resilience is definitely for you.
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Breakthrough Session (1 Day + 3 follow up sessions)
Breakthrough Sessions are tailored specifically for your needs to improve emotional and physiological health.  During the Breakthrough Session you will be guided through inspirational processes that will enable you to experience transformational change within hours.  You can resolve past issues and overcome numerous personal challenges; including lack of purpose/direction, loss, relationship issues, stress or general unhappiness/overwhelm.  A breakthrough experience can change how you think and develop your internal resources so you can be, do and have what you really want in life.

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NLP Personal Coaching.
Coaching is a powerful tool that enables people to develop their potential and dramatically improve their lives.  It is about personal empowerment.  The structure of coaching provides a safe, non-judgemental place to explore ideas, question limiting beliefs and overcome life’s obstacles.  You will be encouraged to use your internal resources to create solutions, and also supported to develop goals that inspire and motivate you.  You will then be guided through a series of practical, manageable steps to achieve your desired outcomes at a pace to suit you; enabling you to be who you want to be, do what you want to do and have what you want to have.
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Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP Practitioner Certificate (7 days)
This seven day training leads to three international qualifications and provides practical techniques to enhance your life.  NLP can be studied for personal development; to accelerate your current profession/role or to embark on a lucrative new career path as a practitioner.  It has 3 main elements, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis.  The powerful combination will enable you to change how you think, feel and behave so that you can consistently achieve your desired outcomes.   As a practitioner you will also influence others to do the same.
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In House Training

We offer high quality courses throughout the UK that are tailored to meet the wants, needs and expectations of our clients. We believe it is essential to provide training that is totally relevant, practical and original to enhance professional performance, energy and optimism.

Please contact us for further details of our tailored training programmes, so we can discuss your individual requirements.